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Natalie Sarabella Couture Cards
Natalie Sarabella Couture Ornaments
Natalie Sarabella, world-renown for her beautiful hand-painted and adorned Christmas ornaments. Innovative, creative, unsurpassed quality is what the Sarabella Brand stands for.

Continually developing and creating new and innovative designs and products for the wholesale and retail gift industry.

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Natalie Sarabella Christmas Gifts
Ostrich Eggs Pendants and Charms Natalie Sarabella Feb 2015 New Arrivals
Puffed Hearts Valentine's Day Couture Gifts Easter Ornaments and Gifts Wedding Day Couture Gifts Natalie Sarabella 2015 Collections
Natalie Sarabella Hand Painted Ornaments
Natalie Sarabella Couture Ornaments
Celebrating 20 years this 2014-15 holiday season, The Sarabella Brand offers you a year round gift giving experience. We hope you will continue making them your gift of choice. Sanctioned by The Swarovski Brand, the ornaments now have the official Swarovski tag with Sarabella's own sanction number.

Notable clients include President Bill and Hillary Clinton, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Jones owners of the Dallas Cowboys, Maestro Luciano Pavarotti, and many more.

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Sarabella Signature Holiday Gifts
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Natalie Sarabella Holiday Gifts
Couture Holiday Ornaments by Natalie Sarabella
Couture Christmas Ornaments, Holiday Gifts, Christmas Cards, Wine Bottles
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